What to Do When You Can’t Find Skilled Industrial Sewing Machine Operators

Finding industrial sewing machine operators that are skilled and available can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be. In recent years, welding has become a viable option when seaming industrial materials. If you have been thinking of making the switch from Industrial Sewers to an alternative option, now is the time. Finding the machine that best fits your sewing needs can be tricky, which is why we took four major industrial sewing applications and matched them with the welder that is best suited for the job

If You Are Looking for a Machine to Sew Flags, Banners, and Signs, We Suggest:

The Rotary Sew-n-Cut

This machine is a dual wheel ultrasonic sewing system that is ideal for welding and trimming polyester flags, banners, and signs, It is an extremely easy machine to operate, and requires no seaming tape. As it welds, it trims the excess material, simultaneously allowing for a professional look and eliminating any fraying potential. It is also great for hems on window screen graphics and tradeshow graphics. It also can weld block out material and Tyvek.

The machine boasts an efficient design, featuring a top-mounted horn and side by side welding and cutting anvils that are adjustable increasing seal integrity and reducing puckering. This also allows for versatility and two different pressures for welding and cutting.

The Rotary Sew-n-Cut has a 1200 watt, 20k, 120V single phase generator at the heart of its system, and has advanced Energy Control for consistent welding. It has a carbide interchangeable tip on the horn and comes complete with

  • integrated standard or custom table 
  • foot-pedal control
  • Customizable Patterned Wheels
  • Custom Cooling System
  • User- friendly interface
  • Option to add our Preventative Maintenance program

If You Are Sewing PVC Coated Signs, Banners, and Billboards We Suggest:

The FIAB 900 Traveling Head RF Welder

The FIAB 900 Traveling Head RF Welder is the correct alternative for high-efficiency finishing of these products. It is a versatile welding machine that can have up to 2000 mm in tool length. It combines high-speed production with high welding precision. It is very customer friendly and can be adjusted to fit any type of manufacture. There are supplements available including keder solutions, hem and tube welding systems, and a tape application device.

Other Applications include:

  • Tarps/Truck Covers
  • Structures/Tent
  • Covers
  • Pool Liners
  • Inflatables
  • Signs and Banners
  • Screens/ Shelters
  • Water and Gas Tanks
  • Oil Booms
  • Industrial Doors


If You Are Looking for a Machine to Sew Straps, Tabs, and Close Pocket Ends We Suggest:

The Sonic Hand Held Welder with Hand Press

The sonic hand held welder and hand press is a lightweight ultrasonic welder that can tack, repair, and permanently weld almost any thermoplastic material including nonwovens, Tyvek, polyesters, and PVC. Convenient and easy to use, this welder can be taken anywhere there is 110V power and a hard surface.

It comes with a “Weld by Energy” feature and can be operated with only one hand! It can be mounted in the JTE Hand Press for repeatable and consistent welds. Together these devices are the best way to close pocket ends, weld straps, tabs and hook loop. Other applications include:

  • Tent and Structure Repair
  • Tack Welding
  • Hem Closing on Shades and Banners
  • Lanyards, Straps, and Handles
  • Packaging and Labeling
  • Small Apparel
  • Military Products

If you are Sewing Based on a Pattern, We Suggest:

The Ultrasonic Automatic Weld and Cut

Using Ultrasonic technology to cut and weld the edges of a variety of materials, the JTE Ultrasonic X/Y Cutting System is the only system of its kind to take a pattern cut file, automatically upload it into the cutting software to achieve a weld and cut simultaneously- including curved edges. This machine is ideal for the manufacturing of sleeping bags, valances and awning products, inset screens, solar coverings, and digitally printed polyesters.

This machine includes a specially designed bridge and tooling which ensures a reliable, consistent and efficiently produced welded edge at the same time a pattern is required to be cut. It is also great for straight line cutting. With this solution, it is possible to eliminate entire processes of surging, sealing or hemming within the current production system, saving time, and improving the product quality.


Seats and Mattress Covers

If you are sewing three-dimensional seat or mattress covers, you may want to consider RF Welding as a very efficient way to weld the envelope, corners and even closing seams for volumes of seats and covers.



If your machine is not as efficient as you would like, your welder may not be the right machine for the job. Our eBook 5 Signs That You May Be Using the Wrong Fabric Welder can help you figure out the answer to this question, and help you find the machine that fits your welding needs. Download your free copy below:

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