Thank you for visiting us at the 2014 IFAI JTE Exhibit

At the October 2014 IFAI show in Minneapolis,  JTE received a very positive response to its four new machine solutions, in addition to much interest in the new software update on the FIAB 900 Traveling RF welder. The new solid state JTE Tabletop Grommet Welder made its debut (pictured), along with the JTE 10kw Transportable welder on wheels for easy transport from one location to another on a customer’s production floor. The JTE Ultrasonic X/Y Weld and Cut system was discussed in the Cutting Workshop, but the real Showstopper was the new SeamSTRONG rotary adhesive bonding machine- the easy to use, and undeniably reliable solution for bonding acrylics, polyester, marine materials and more!

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