Thermex-Thermatron Systems (“Thermex”) strengthens its position as the leader in the radio frequency (RF) and microwave (MW) technology arena with the acquisition of Jacksonville, Florida-based JTE Machines. Thermex-Thermatron is a proven industry force in manufacturing high-power industrial RF and MW Systems for heating dielectric materials. JTE’s position as an innovative engineering, design, and automation firm for RF and other forms of material sealing is well known throughout the industry.

Notably, JTE Machines use of cutting-edge technology aligning with Thermex’s drive to improve production, creates a powerful alliance. JTE Machines designs, engineers, and manufactures sealers (radio frequency, impulse, and ultrasonic), while specializing in the automation within a production cell.  JTE also serves as the North American distributor for internationally recognized FIAB RF Traveling Welders which are heavily used in the industrial fabric industry, and European-based Oteman, a leader in industrial cutting machines. This exciting acquisition further extends Thermex and JTE global roots to many well-known customers. 

IFAI Virtual Expo Announces 2020 Show Stopper Winners

ROSEVILLE, MN–IFAI Virtual Expo announced the Show Stopper winners for the year, including the most popular products in the virtual exhibit halls. The ninth annual Show Stopper competition was designed to showcase the best of the best in the industry, from fabrics, equipment and chemicals to hardware and accessories.

Designed to recognize the most popular new products each year from our exhibitors, the Show Stopper Awards acknowledge the newest, most innovative, useful and exciting, effective and efficient products at the show. Entries were submitted by exhibitors with winners selected by a committee of industry experts.

2020 Show Stopper Winners

DITF German Institutes for Textile & Fiber Research was the winner in the Chemicals, Coatings & Compounds category, for their UV-curable Polymers for Use in Composites. These UV-curable formulations were developed for use with matrix-polymers in composites. The use of such compounds reduces energy consumption during fixation and shortens manufacturing time.

JTE Machines took the prize in the Equipment & Tools category, for their Automated N95 Mask Machine, a fully automated machine with options for ultrasonic or stapled head strap and capability to include exhalation valves, nose foam and packaging station. This machine makes healthcare and industrial-style N95 masks that can be NIOSH certified. Valve function can be activated or deactivated.

Quality Thread & Notions took the lead in the Fabrics, Fibers & Film category, for their Sunguard+ UVR bonded polyester thread which provides protection against cleaning chemicals, UV rays and seam leakage. It is resistant to mold, mildew, chlorine and bromine. Available in 36 shades. 

Morito Scovill Americas (DOT) won in the category of Hardware, Findings & Accessories with the DOT® Black Oxide Stainless Steel Snap Fasteners, enhanced corrosion and abrasion resistant fasteners intended for modern marine designs. The product reflects less light in applications where glare is a concern. Customers who use DOT® Durable™ Stainless Steel Snap Fasteners can switch to this product without design problems.

JTE Playing the Long Game for U.S. Made PPE

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the overall economy, and on the specialty textiles industry specifically, is still shaking out. Although no company has remained unscathed, the stories coming out of the industry are not uniformly dire. While some suppliers and end product manufacturers have experienced harrowing drops in business and profits, others have managed to hold the line somewhat—although their fortunes have depended on the markets they serve and their ability to turn to products suddenly in demand.

Regardless of how they’ve fared individually so far, industry members are united in their uncertainty as to what the future holds.

Industrial Roll Up/Cold Storage Door Production

Just installed another TOTAL SOLUTION to an essential business provided and supported by JTE. All we need is your available production space, and we can design and provide the world’s most efficient industrial fabric end product manufacturing system, starting with automatic roll handling, to automatic cutting and marking (direct from your order file), to automatic RF welding with custom guides and material handling features. Call or email JTE today