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For over twenty years, JTE Machines has enabled manufacturers of tension fabric structures, inflatable buildings, event tents, military tents and aviation structures to improve the quality of their products and increase efficiency within their entire operations.

With traveling head RF welders on long tables, the cost of production can be reduced by over 40%, on panel welding, reinforcement welding, keder welding, window welding, and more. Our expert 24/7 service keeps your operations running 2 and 3 shifts if needed. Our applications focused team has developed solutions that enhance every step of your production process through cost saving and innovative technology.

Our Customers are Most Efficient
using these Machines

Make your own keder: FIAB Keder Unit

The unit works with machines FIAB series PL and 900 automatic production process increases productivity welding up to 4500 linear meters of keder in one 8 hour shift. Machine can be run automatically on a third shift and switch back to other work on first and second shifts.

FIAB Keder Unit

FIAB HPS remote controlled RF Welder for large panels and unusual shapes:

FIAB 900 Traveling RF Welders move automatically along a modular integrated table up to a 300 feet! Easy to use, full color touch screen with windows-like and joystick controls, along with Energy Control and USB recipe saving running on Siemens operating systems that are supported world-wide!

FIAB 900 Traveling RF Welders
FIAB HPS Remote Controlled
FIAB 900 touch screen

Budget Friendly and Highly Versatile

FIAB PL Upgraded Traveling welder

JTE refurbishes and renews older FIAB traveling welders with its own upgrade kit complete with color touch screen and updated control systems.

Weld windows, doors, apex, reinforcements and more with our handy JTE 10kw Transportable RF Welder, complete with auto-tuning, recipe saving, and the lowest RF emissions in the industry!

JTE 15kw RF Welder with Optional Impulse tool for welding thermal plastics like PE.

JTE 10kw Transportable RF Welder
JTE 15kw RF Welder


JTE Punch/Weld PVC Grommet welder
Automatically punch and weld PVC grommets-replace your weaker metal grommets with water-proof high quality welded PVC grommets!

Also great for digital images and curtains!

PTFE Welders
Weld Teflon (PTFE) material easily and consistently with the FIAB or JTE PTFE welders- in large or small format for large structures to shade coverings. These machines are the only commercially available welders designed specifically for efficient welding of Teflon material.

Repairs on existing tents and structures are easy with the JTE Ultrasonic Handheld welder. Never again use a hot air roller to patch your tents, with the JTE easy stamp and weld method. No skills or extra hands required!

JTE Ultrasonic Handheld
JTE Punch/Weld PVC Grommet welder
Weld Teflon
JTE Tent

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“The JTE machine works great!”

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