JTE Machines provides expert repair service on-demand, installation of all FIAB equipment in North and South America, and scheduled preventative maintenance for FIAB, Forsstrom, HISEN and our own JTE machines available with one, two, or three-year contracts. JTE now services Kabar, Thermatron, REG and various other brands of RF machines. 

We at JTE believe that most downtime can be prevented through daily and periodic machine maintenance. In fact, a primary factor in premature wear of parts and breaks in the production cycle can be attributed to surfaces with accumulated dust, dirt or fabric particles on them. Our Comprehensive Preventative Maintenance program is key to extending the life of any RF machine. It includes adjustments to the machine, cleaning of surfaces, enhanced training on specific applications, and a customized manual for ongoing maintenance. We also offer recommendations for wear parts and higher performance levels.

Please contact us to obtain rates on both on-demand repair service and preventative maintenance programs.



"We had JTE Machines here the past two days at Volta Belting doing preventative maintenance on our 4 HF machines. They were wonderful to work with and incredibly knowledgeable. "
Kira Simone
Volta Belting USA, Inc.

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“Your engineer David was extremely helpful in explaining and resolving my problem over the phone”

- Satisfied Customer

“The JTE machine works great!”

- Satisfied Customer

"Your machine that we just installed (FIAB) is 100 times better than my existing Thermatron RF”

- Satisfied Customer