JTE introduced its new line of advanced automation equipment for the medical market at the MD&M/ Design & Manufacturing tradeshow in Anaheim, CA, its largest annual venue throughout the country.  It was at the JTE booth, that attendees discovered how they can automate their existing RF welding equipment or consider a totally new solution custom designed and built by JTE. JTE Machines is the only RF machine company integrating robotics into an inline or turntable RF welder solution, along with integrating custom unwind and conveyor indexing systems for the most efficient, yet flexible production of plastic medical consumables. 

Visitors at the JTE booth also discussed JTE’s state-of-the art features like their PLC / HMI interface and control system, high precision in-house designed and fabricated tooling, and advanced optimization. By including all critical components within one uniquely designed system, JTE customers have just one-stop for their product production needs, enabling them to reduce time and labor throughout.  Add a material roll slitter also provided by JTE, and you’ve cut your material costs as well!

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JTE and Big Top Fabric Structures

We have been supplying Big Top Fabric Structures in Perry FL with traveling RF Welders for over 15 years, helping them to grow to become one of the most innovative fabric building manufacturers in the U.S. At the end of 2017, we completed the installation of one of our largest traveling FIAB RF welders in

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Which Thermoplastic Materials Can Be Welded?

Thermoplastic materials refer to the plastic materials that become pliable when heated above a specific temperature and then harden upon cooling. Thermoplastic welding is the process of joining pieces of thermoplastic material using a combination of heating, pressure, and cooling. The surface of the thermoplastic material is first heated to its melting point, where it

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Which Heat Sealer is Best for My Material?

Choosing the right heat sealer can be stressful, but with JTE it doesn’t have to be. We have created this overview of the various types of heat sealers with the hope that it will help to simplify the process of finding which one is best for your material type. When you are in the process

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President & CEO Traci Evling interviewed by Digital Output

 Digital Output looks at textile finishing for the wide format printing industry. Main article on sewing options for digital print providers; sidebar on welding and seaming options. When would it be better to utilize welding or seaming, rather than a sewing machine—what scenarios or conditions would make these better alternatives? Anytime you are working with

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Trico puts HF welder to work

Shop Supervisor Jim Temar and Fabrication Tech Dave Hollingsworth turning out quality products with the JTE 15kw HF welder. Trico Belting and Supply Co. of Cincinnati, OH, is home of the world’s finest and safest conveyor belt fabrication specialists. “JTE’s HF welding technology allows us to produce a wider range of belt configurations than were

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