JTE Ushers In a New Era of Innovation with their Latest Automated Line

JTE Machines is bringing innovation to the fabric welding industry with their new product line of automated cutting solutions. As with fabric welding, this new line features cutters/plotters, unwind units, slitters and integrated material storage carousel systems. JTE is one of the few companies that offers items like a fully integrated, material roll storage and delivery system, together with multi-function static and conveyor systems.

Dynamic Cutting Solutions

One of the first machines to showcase the marriage of automation and fabric welding is the multifunction cutter. The multifunction cutter is an automatic flatbed or conveyor cutting machine that is specially designed for cutting and marking flexible materials, and can be used by the awnings, inflatable, industrial door, and tensile structures industries, just to name a few. Some of its technical features include:

  • Modular and compact design, accommodating roll widths up to 21 feet
  • Motorized High speed and versatile cutting tools that offer high cutting quality
  • Vacuum and Reverse Vacuum Systems
  • Laser, Punching, Crush Cut, and Marking Std. Tools
  • Emergency Safety Devices
  • Easy to use interface with advanced application software

Advantages of Automation

When it comes to the introduction of automation into the fabric welding industry, the advantages are endless. Not only does automation increase overall efficiency in the workplace, but the sturdy design and durability of the frame and bridge of the multifunction cutter ensures that there is square-ness to the cut and no flexing, which increases the life of the machine. This, in turn, decreases the cost of ownership, as repairs and machine upgrades are not as common. The machine also comes with a precision-driven rotary cutting tool, which reduces the wear of the cutting surface, while increasing accuracy and optimizing joints. All JTE machines come with cutting edge software that is application specific to further increase overall efficiency.  

Advantages of One Partner

When you are considering the implementation of automation within your industrial fabrics manufacturing, you no longer have to seek out multiple companies. With JTE, you gain an applications diverse and experienced partner with whom to collaborate on for the correct process, technology choice and format, and interface to achieve the most efficient yet versatile system for your needs. From rolled goods to finished product, JTE has the equipment and know-how to get your company to the next level.

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