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JTE RF Turntable - JTE Machines


JTE RF Turntable

JTE offers one of the most advanced RF Turntable systems available, complete with auto tuning, PLC controls, USB data logging, and RF switching (as an option). The turntable is available in a wide range of power levels and table diameters; the turntable can operate in both directions. Also, a removable second generator can be included with the system for high efficiency and complicated three- dimensional products. Extremely reliable, this system is very affordable and efficient. JTE designs and creates custom two-piece and progressive tooling, along with the proper pins and guides needed to quickly set and hold the materials in place.While not limited to any one type of product, this system is often used for:

  • Medical Bags
  • Medical Devices
  • Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs)
  • Roof Membrane Attachments
  • Office Products
  • Blister Packaging