JTE Machines Pivots to Help Automate U.S. based PPE Production

At the end of 2019, start of 2020, an odd silence emerged amongst the traditional industrial fabric industries served by JTE Machines. It seemed like decision makers were in a “wait and see” mode, with the economy experiencing a slight downturn. As it turns out, these companies knew that a fast-spreading virus, the Coronavirus, COVID-19 was in full outbreak in China, and a pandemic was headed our way. Over the course of first and second quarters 2020, many of these clients were forced to reduce their operations as non-essential businesses and to keep their employees safe. During the crisis, however, many pivoted to PPE related product production to include hospital barriers, facemask and surgical gown production, along with body bag production.

As in the past, manufacturers in our industry have been leading indicators for the economic outlook. Even before investors react, our clients drive the manufacturing sector forward and invest in capital equipment accordingly. Those clients who were able to pivot are now leading the way, along with an entirely different set of manufacturers who reached out to JTE, in search of automated machines. They needed a way to lower the barrier to entry into unchartered territories and to increase potential profits. Many companies who normally made tents, clothing, or industrial equipment quickly recognized linkages between their knowledge of fabric, patterns, barrier materials and PPE production. They also realized that if the United States is going to succeed in supplying essential products to healthcare workers and beyond, we have to set up smarter, more efficient ways to produce product in large quantities.

In response to these requests, and as our way of doing our part to increase the domestic supply of PPE products, JTE has introduced a new line PPE automation equipment. All solutions are approved and supported by our team of automation engineers and technicians.

Surgical Mask Machine– 100% Made in U.S. with top quality ultrasonic components

N95 Mask Machine– Low cost, quick delivery, supported by U.S. ultrasonic experts

Body Bag Machine– 100% RF welded, including zippers, designed and built in U.S., accommodates a high variety of different sizes and materials

Surgical Gown Machine– RF Welded Isolation Gowns, for high efficiency continuous production

Contact us today to discuss your specific needs, and be Safe! sales@jtemachines.com

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