JTE exhibits at the NIBA 2017 NIBA/PTDA Joint Industry Summit

For the second year in a row, JTE showcased its innovative technology at the NIBA Expo, NIBA/PTDA Joint Summit held at the Diplomat Beach Resort in Hollywood, FL on Sept. 27-30.  As the leading designer and fabricator of 3-D tooling and High Frequency (RF) Welding machines for the Lightweight Belting industry, JTE has set new standards for safety, quality, efficiency, and ease of use in the high frequency (RF) welding of PVC and PU cleats, sidewalls, edge caps, finger splices, and v-guides on PVC and PU coated and homogenous belts.

At the show, JTE featured its new sectional cleat tool which is the first commercially available tool to weld cleats up to and within the inside edge of sidewalls. It consists of multiple one inch segments with custom end pieces that are available to adjust to exact belt width. This tool, like other JTE modular tools is adjustable to allow for variations in length, height, and thickness of cleat.

In addition to RF Welders, Tooling, V-guide Notching and V-guide welding solutions, JTE continues to add new solutions to its Belting machine portfolio, and plans to introduce at least one new machine in the next 6 months. In an effort to share its expertise of RF welding technology,  JTE is currently scheduling training seminars specifically for belting applications and will be announcing the 2018 Training schedule soon – stay tuned for updates!

The Expo and Conference was a great way for JTE to connect with current customers and many new companies who desire to improve the quality and efficiency of their lightweight belt manufacturing. Call 800-355-4JTE or email tevling@jtemachines.com for more information or to schedule a site visit.



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