Innovative Advances in RF Welding Medical Products

What is RF Welding? RF Welding refers to the process of bonding materials together through the use of electromagnetic energy. While RF does involve the heating up of molecules within materials, there is no external heat source applied topically to the material. Materials that are commonly RF welded include PET, PETG, PVC, Thermoplastic Polyurethanes, Open Celled Polyurethanes, and LDPE/EVA. Today there are only a handful of manufacturers based in the U.S., with JTE leading the way in providing advanced controls for all of its RF machines, with a specialization in automation and integrated cutting operations.

Many industries such as the medical industry are searching for more efficient ways to produce their products very quickly and precisely. With the built in PLC and HMI systems, JTE Machines are able to provide their customers with a more advanced system that continuously monitors the inputs and outputs of the operation. The PLC system keeps a memory of the weld cycles, settings and an errors that may occur during the welding process. With these features, the PLC is capable of detecting errors sooner rather than later, saving time and material waste while providing manufacturers with a way to validate the overall process. With the unique HMI system that JTE Machines provides, the HMI monitor is easily operated with its advanced color touch screen system, and accessible USB port.  JTE Machines provides the most advanced PLC and HMI controlled machines to the industry, as well as the most customized and innovative tools for perimeter, tube, chamber and two-stage welding.

These high tech features of the JTE Machines have recently been implemented into their most recent project. The newest machine is designed to enable multiple types of products with minimal change overtime; this minimizes the downtime on the machine. With the addition of a robotic off loader, the number of operators needed is reduced. This automated machine produces higher quality end products that are welded with high accuracy. Some additional components of the JTE Machines include

auto-tuning, pneumatic sliding tool holder, servo driven clamp index system, programmable index length, and two position automatic  mandrel loading system. JTE Machines takes the needs of the customer into consideration before designing the most efficient machine that will work best for their RF welding requirements.

Not only is JTE Machines adopting the most updated technologies in the industry, JTE Machines provides a very strong support system that is always ready to help with any needs. JTE is one of the few companies in the industry that offers dedicated 24/7 expert technical support. This support system specifically benefits its high volume automation solution customers. JTE offers a comprehensive Preventative Maintenance program that entails one visit per year for a full inspection, cleaning, and calibration of the system for optimized production. Also, there is a complimentary 24/7 over the phone service with extended warranty. JTE Machines is constantly looking to enforce the most updated technologies into their machines as well as providing their customers with the most reliable support system possible. To learn more about what JTE can do to improve your production, email

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