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Conveyor Belt Welders - JTE Machines

Conveyor Belt Welders

We Understand your Needs

With over 10 years over experience serving Lightweight Conveyor Belt Manufacturers, we have developed and installed the most efficient RF Cleat welders in the industry along with the most versatile tooling. Join the leaders in the industry in the movement towards higher quality cleat welding in half the time, in addition to sidewall, edge cap, and splice welding on the same machine. And with our 24/7 expert support, your operations can keep ahead of the urgent demands of your clients.

JTE offers a full line of complementary machines to notch and weld v-guides, and automate your high volume production. Our training center is available for RF Theory, Safety, and Maintenance training for your personnel delivered by Engineering and Applications Experts.

Our Customers are Most Efficient using these Machines

FIAB 1400L Traveling Cleat Welder

JTE 1.8m Cleat/Sidewall/Edge cap RF Welder

Budget Friendly and Highly Versatile

Our most popular all-in-one RF welder, the JTE 15kw Belt Welder is as safe as it is easy to use and change tooling.

JTE Modular Cleat Tooling


JTE V-Guide Notching Machine

As the innovator in the industry, JTE created the most accurate and efficient v-guide notching machine in the industry. It runs unattended for v-guide up to 22mm thick.

JTE V-Guide Welding Machine

Introducing the next generation in V-guide welding! As the leader in Innovative solutions for Lightweight PVC/PU Conveyor Belt manufacturing, JTE’s latest version three has all the features you need, at a price point that is unbeatable. The JTE V-guide welder with grinding wheel accommodates 72” wide belts and is designed to weld both endless and open belts.  With a two-shaft synchronized roller system and a movable welding head, it easily adjusts to ensure exact welding position of the v-guide. No need to take the belt off for pre-grinding as that function is included in this highly functional, all-in one solution.  PLC controlled speed, temperature and airflow, allows for a wide variety of thicknesses and materials. Call for more information and a quote today!

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“Your engineer David was extremely helpful in explaining and resolving my problem over the phone”

– Satisfied Customer

“The JTE machine works great!”

– Satisfied Customer